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If your child is between 2 and 6 years and hates to read. Or may be…

  • careless about reading
  • watch cartoons and play with their toys instead
  • couldn’t make sense of any bunch of letters joined together to form words

then they are now 88% more likely to keep falling further and further behind all the way up to the fourth grade… and even up to their high schools.

Here’s why…

According to the study done just this year by the US Department of Education… If your child does not meet the average literacy standard, by the end of grade 1 they are now 88% more likely to keep falling further and further behind all the way up to the fourth grade.

These findings were backed up In McNamara, Scissons and Gutknecth’s longitudinal study of 382 kindergarten children, it was found that children who were identified as having poor phonological awareness in kindergarten had the lowest scores in a range of reading achievement tests in Year 1, 2 and 3.  Furthermore…

“…each year these struggling readers fell further behind their peers.”

And also…

Researchers at the prestigious Yale University concluded that 75% of children who reach the third grade with poor literacy becomes completely illiterate, not just right up until their very last year of high school, but for their entire life.

As if those aren’t disturbing enough… In most countries, the proportion of students beyond 3rd grade who cannot read well enough to participate in grade-level work is between 60 and 70 percent, depending on the grade and year of assessment.

And the terrifying part is that Once children fall behind, they seldom catch up, a reason that such states as California, Virginia, and Texas promote early intervention to prevent reading problems. (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development).

This explains the High school drop out rates which is as high as 66% in this country. In short…

“…Reading failure begins early, takes root quickly, and affects students for life”

But as a parent, what can you do? And how can you prevent your children from ending up this way? And how can you help them to start reading as early as 2 years even better than kids 2 – 5 years older than they are?

It’s pretty simple. Don’t leave their success and future life to the Educational System alone. It is important you teach your children to read and not leave them to the education system.

The Educational system has proven to fail us over and over again. There has been little or no refining of the system. It is the same system our ancient fathers and mothers used and passed down to our generations that is still in used. This system of learning has, as a matter of fact, done more harm than good.

“It has produced more dropouts than ever and skyrocketed illiteracy level in the country.”

But you can change all that now by putting your children educational success in your hands too.

All you have to do is get involved in teaching and guiding them all the way through to learn better.

And help them to especially read as early as possible.

Now! It is truly possible to teach a baby… I mean a 2-year-old baby… to read. Using a method that has been proven 100% effective yet totally unknown to 99% of English teacher and parents around the world.

It shows you the one hidden secret to teaching your child to read when used for just a short period of time. And can create a radical shift in the future outcome of your child’s success in school and all around their quality of life forever.


36,543 children have now successfully used this reading secret…

…And so could your children

A method that’s guaranteed to work for any child at any age even a young as 2. Even if, right now, they can barely recite the alphabets correctly. This will leave your neighbours and friends in shock, amazement and, of course, jealous of your children. They’ll even think they’re special and naturally gifted.

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